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AI Attack and Defend Planning

After a deep dive into AI planning and learning algorithms we're very happy to share some new screenshots and updates.

In addition to the previously shown town management, resource and labour planning our AI is now capable to survive in the harsh combative world of Empires and Tribes. Dependent on the current development of the AI base settlement and the aggressiveness towards the player our AI will deploy different army types, set up an attack plan, attack, defend and retreat if necessary. The armies may differ in size, strength and deployed units, dependent on the bias of the AI and the resources being available. For now there are four different unit types: swordsman, pikeman, archers and knights (each in three different levels and shapes). Due to different strengths and weaknesses they all behave unique in combat. So victory or defeat depends on your tactical skills.

Additionally we further improved the graphics and rendering (For the freaks: we switched from gamma to linear rendering, improved our grass and tree shaders and played around with atmospheric scattering) and redesigned our UI system.

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