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Even more environmental updates

Dear Community, I've been busy the last days to present you the Empires and Tribes version 0.4 with the new terrain system. Even though the pictures of the evergreen spring environment may not be the most Christmassy, you can look forward to a completely new look with new biomes, models, effects and shading. Besides the firefly effects of the last blog, completely new, more realistic tree and grass models have been added to the current version. Whether oak, lime, maple or fir: each tree species not only has its own specific leaf species and bark, but also differs in shape and height and in the shape and distribution of the branches. And this is exactly what I have tried to recreate as realistically as possible. Another effect that finally comes into use is the translucency effect. All foliage is not completely opaque, but allows small amounts of light to pass through. This is especially known from the shimmering effect on large meadows when looking towards the evening sun. And last but not least I have extended the distribution of the biomes a little. Besides the classic meadow and forest biome, there are now a sparse sand biome, coniferous forests, tundra-like landscapes and small birch forests.

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