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The grain farm

Providing your population with sufficient food is one of the fundamental principles for a successful and long-term reign in Empires and Tribes. A small fishing village does not cause any major problems, but to produce food for an entire bishop's seat requires the talent of an experienced steward. Even if the cultivation and the processing of grain is complex and you will have to build various farms and buildings, the effort will be reflected in full warehouses and a satisfied population in the long run. Provided you don't have to deal with several bad harvests...

As in the case of pottery, we were again inspired by the medieval construction of thatched roofs for the model of the grain farm. Fortunately, our head graphic designer lives close to a replica of a medieval village and is always happy to provide us with new ideas and photos. As you can see in the photo, we have to improve the corn barks and feed the new models into our terrain system. Speaking of which: Empires and Tribes uses the "Advanced foliage shader" which can be found in the Unity Asset Store. After a few adjustments, we were able to achieve very satisfactory results, especially in terms of translucency and foliage bending. Most important for us was the possibility to instantiate grass and all types of foliage directly in runtime (a perlin noise algorithm then distributes the different grass types) and to exchange the standard grass shader, since the terrain is regularly changed by the construction of buildings and the creation of fields.

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