Empires and Tribes is a unique fusion of a medieval city builder and a role-playing game.

Slip into the role of a 13th century mayor and face the challenges of a real-time strategy game and the possibilities of an interactive, immersive world. In addition to city planning and economic decisions you can expect political power struggles in the city council, an indecisive priest, a strike-hungry population, bandits, begging monks, thieves and four hostile principalities in the immediate vicinity.

Demonstrate leadership, economic and diplomatic talent to maintain your place in the challenging world of Empires and Tribes. Plan and expand your settlement wisely and skillfully

and you will lead it from a small fishing village to a thriving hub of trade. Tap natural resources, create residential areas and build public buildings such as chapels and taverns to meet the growing needs of your inhabitants. Protect your settlement by building castles at strategically important points and expanding them with towers, gates, courtyards and various expansions. Recruit units and construct siege weapons to finally bring your opponents to their knees in tactically demanding sieges.


  • Complex economic cycle with over 20 different goods and 35 different buildings, most of them upgradeable up to three levels

  • Large battles and sieges featuring units like trebuchets, knights and archers

  • Individual city design and individual layout of castles and defensive fortifications with a variety of extension buildings

  • Simulated daily routine of the NPC's including sleeping, working and bartering

  • Disasters such as fires and lightnings and events such as bandits, sale of indulgences, mendicant monks and a regularly held council meetings

  • Extensive RPG component which includes crafting, villager quests, fighting, bartering, bribing and convincing members of the city council

  • Interactive AI, which autonomously develops its kingdom based on the given conditions, declares war or proposes trade treaties, determined by different selectable AI types


As White Vertex Studios we question the classic bird-eye perspective. Our mission is to challenge the separation between RTS and RPG and offer a new innovative solution with Empires and Tribes. We believe that a good strategy game engages the player and moreover makes him/her a part of the world he/she creates. White Vertex Studios is an Indie Game Studio based in Berlin. We started developing Empires and Tribes in 2015.


  • Christopher Lübeck
    CEO, Programmer

  • Michael Novelo
    Lead Artist

  • Frank Reiser
    Character Artist

  • Nico Dilz
    Audio Design

  • Lars Rühmann



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