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Become part of the world you create

Slip into the role of a 13th century mayor and face the challenges of a real-time strategy game and the possibilities of an interactive, immersive world. In addition to city planning and economic decisions you can expect political power struggles in the city council, an indecisive priest, a strike-hungry population, bandits, begging monks, thieves and four hostile principalities in the immediate vicinity. 

Demonstrate leadership, economic and diplomatic talent to maintain your place in the world of Empires and Tribes. 




Plan and expand your settlement wisely and skillfully and you will lead it from a small fishing village to a thriving hub of trade. Tap natural resources, create residential areas and build public buildings such as chapels and taverns to meet the growing needs of your inhabitants.





Develop an extensive economic cycle, have a wide variety of goods like pottery, tools, clothes or weapons be produced by your population or craft trade goods, weapons and items yourself. 





The castles in Empires and Tribes are the strategic key stones of your kingdom. Decide wisely where you establish the next major building site, as it determines victory or defeat of your civilization. Create your very own castle with a unique layout by placing walls, towers, bridges, unit quarters, stables and residential quarters. The clouds of war are gathering!

Empires and Tribes War01.png



Increase your influence and power by recruiting troops, rising up armies and building siege weapons like catapults and trebuchets, and ultimately bring your opponents to their knees in tactically challenging sieges.

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