Explore the world of Empires and Tribes

Walk across cool forests, climb up steep mountains, find bridges to pass torrential rivers, search for iron and copper mines and more...

Empires and Tribes Landscape01.png

Interact with your environment

Resource gathering, animal hunting, crafting of tools and trading goods, construction of buildings, small talk with your inhabitants... it is up to you.

Empires an Tribes Town01.png

Become an architect

Plan your city layout and choose between more than 35 different buildings including workshops, public buildings (like storehouses, wells, taverns), farms and mines, most of them being upgradeable 1 to 3 levels.

Empires and Tribes Settlement02.png

Enjoy the freedom

No grid-based limitations when laying out roads and buildings. Design your city completely to your needs.

Empires an Tribes Pottery03.png

Manage the economic

Care about 20 different trading goods, market carts delivering resources from your pits and farms to the storages, workshops processing raw material to luxury goods, needs of your population and, most important, balance the food production and consumption.

Empires and Tribes Swordsman01.png

Train your skills

Become a skilled craftsman, a nature-orientated farmer, a master of the martial arts,... What is best for your city?

Empires and Tribes Carpenter01.png

Craft your equipment

More than 50 different weapons, tools and trading goods may be crafted by the player.


Watch a realistic

Adapt to the different situations caused by a day and night cycle and varying weather.

Observe the life of your inhabitants: 
Each NPC is simulated individually, trading at the market or working at the workshop he has been assigned to, going to bed at night,...